Relish-Powered Shopper Marketing

Revolutionize shopper marketing and retail media with our AI-driven, proprietary shoppable media and immersive experiences.

Ad Sales teams can effortlessly offer Smart Modules, One-Click Meal Plans, Shoppable Recipes, and Live Cooking Classes.

These turn-key ad products boost engagement and conversions, whether hosted on your site, served through programmatic or run on

Shopper Marketing Cycle

Smart Modules

Elevate brands through immersive content and interactive recipes, igniting awareness, engagement, and commerce. Achieving a remarkable 3-5X industry average performance!

Animated Recipe

Featuring branded ingredients or complementary items

Video Recipe

Featuring branded ingredients within the recipe and potentially within the video as well

Recipe Collection

Featuring branded ingredients or complementary items in collections or meal plans

Blue Diamond Smart Module Case Study

Blue Diamond Case Study
Learn how a refined content strategy and eye-catching animation impacted a successful campaign for Blue Diamond.

Read the Case Study

Breakout Smart Module

Advertisers can harness the power of standard IAB ad sizes in conjunction with our versatile Smart Modules. When users engage with the creative, it seamlessly transitions into an immersive and interactive Smart Module experience.

One-Click Meal Plans

Providing meticulously curated content with outstanding branding possibilities. Effortlessly add recipes to your shopping list or save for future planning with a single click.

Shoppable Recipe Pages

Showcase products as either branded ingredients or complementary items in highly contextual placements. As customers add items to their shopping list and cart, the branded product seamlessly accompanies them, maximizing shopability. Relish can power recipes on your website or host them on